Patient Portal FAQ’s

·        I want to set up a patient portal account with Alliance.  How can I do that?

o  Go to the Alliance website at . In the upper right hand corner, click on “patient portal”. That will take you to the Follow My Health Log In / Create an Account page. Click on “Create an Account” and follow the instructions.

o  Or you can request that we send you an invitation email that will include a link to this same Create an Account page.  Call us at 517-484-3000 or send an email request to


         When creating my portal account, I am being prompted to enter a security code.  What is that?

o  If your social security number is in our system,it will be the last 4 digits of your social security number.

o  Otherwise, it will be the 4 digit year of your birth.


·        I forgot my user name and /or password.  Can you tell me what they are?

o  Alliance does not have access to anyone’s username or password. 

o  If you have forgotten your password only, there is a “Forgot your password?” option when signing into the portal.  It is after the log-in page, and after you click on your log-in method icon.

o  If you have forgotten your user name, we can tell you which method of log-in you chose when originally creating your account (FMH, Facebook, Google, Yahoo or Live ID). That may be enough to jog your memory as to what your user name &password would be.


·        I still don’t remember my user name and password.  Can you reset them?

o  The only way to “reset a user name or password”is to delete the original log-in to your portal.  You will then need to go back into FMH and create another account.  You will go through the pages like you are creating a whole new account but what you are actually doing is creating a new log-in. 

§ You cannot use the same user name OR password you have used previously.  FMH remembers every password and every user name. There is no way a patient can use the same ones.  It can be as simple as adding a “1” at the end but there has to be something to differentiate from your original password.


·        I want to keep my portal open but don’t want to receive any email notifications from Alliance. Can I do that?

o  You can set your own notification preferences and decide to opt out of receiving these notices.  Once signed into your portal account, go to:

My Account


Scroll down to Notification Preferences

You can choose which, if any, notifications for appointment reminders,appointment updates, updates to health records, notice of communication from provider and organizational bulletins you want to receive.


·        Why can’t I set up my account on my phone?

o  When you are creating your portal account and signing in for the first time, you will need to use a desktop or laptop computer.  Apps, Ipads, tablets are all fine once the account is up and running.


·        My daughter is a patient at Alliance, but she is a minor.  Can I set up a portal account for her?

o  You can request to set up a Proxy account for your daughter.  The request must include your name, date of birth, relationship to the patient, physical address (if different than the patient’s), phone number and email address.

                              You can speak with the front desk staff or send an email to dawne@alliance-obgyn.